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Maximise your tech investments through data

Investments in new technology systems frequently fail to deliver on promised benefits unless they’re populated with fit for purpose data.

Most organisations have made or are making significant investments in technology, either as part of large digital transformation programme or as standalone system implementations.

With the benefit of hindsight, what many organisations have come to realise is that these investments do not deliver the benefits promised without complementary investments to ensure the new systems are populated with data that is fit for purpose.
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Large-scale transformation efforts fail about 70% of the time.
How we can help

Fit for purpose data to support your tech

Realise the benefits of your digital transformation

Whether you are implementing an entirely new system or migrating from an old one, understanding how fit for purpose your data is and what needs to change to address the issues will help you realise the promised benefits of your technology investments.

Avoid unnecessary re-work costs

Amendments to the way data is captured, processed and stored midway through or after a system implementation can be expensive. These costs are easily avoided by assessing data requirements upfront and ensuring they are specified correctly during the design phase.

Assure your data migration

Many organisations routinely outsource the capture and management of their data to third parties in their supply chain.  Ensuring this data is fit for purpose before switching suppliers or renewing the contract avoids you having to pay for costly remediation work and litigation with the incumbent supplier in the future.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Unique data condition methodology

Unlike data quality, our data condition methodology provides you with a quantitative measure of how well your data meets the needs of the users.

Root cause analysis of poor data  

Anmut identifies the root causes of poor data condition, so you know what’s broken and we can create a remediation plan to ensure you have fit for purpose data.

Data capture tools that translate business use cases into data requirements 

We have developed data capture tools that enable us to efficiently document business use cases and translate user requirements into data requirements.

Proprietary data profiling and measurement algorithms  

Our data profiling and measurement algorithms enable us to complete technical assessments of large volumes of your data against the users’ requirements.

Data costing models 

Anmut’s data costing models enable you to quickly and easily include estimates of data-related costs in your internal business cases and budget estimates.

Customer stories

“We worked with a large UK transport organisation who were migrating their most important data asset to a new system. They needed to know whether that data was in good condition before the migration and if not, what fixes were needed to address the root causes.

Our work identified amendments to data ingestion rules to align them with what the business needed from their data. Having defined the data specifications and built them into system enforcement rules, we helped our client to future-proof the condition of their most important data.”

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