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Understand the value of your data


Quantify your data’s value

Data-driven organisations know their data is a valuable asset, yet quantifying this value has always been challenging for data leaders.

Assigning a monetary value to your data will enable you to:

  • Improve the data culture of your organisation. Create a common understanding from the top down of what data is most important to your success.

  • Focus your data team on the most valuable data and avoid the high volume of time-consuming requests that deliver little or no value.

  • Increase the return on investment in data and avoiding low-value data initiatives.
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87% of data leaders say putting a monetary value on data would enable people in their business to manage data better.
How we can help

Make business sense of your data

Talk about data in a currency the whole organisation understands

Everyone understands pounds and pence or dollars and cents. By putting a monetary value on your data, you can immediately move from a vague conceptual understanding that data has value, to a tangible measure of its value to the organisation, that everyone understands.

Increase leadership's understanding of the importance of data

Few organisations’ leadership teams have a clear understanding of the value data really plays in its success. Using data valuation techniques, we can bring this value to the attention of your leadership team and help change your data culture from the top down.

Prioritise and compare your data investments 

With a monetary value of your data, you can compare and prioritise your data investments, as well as make practical trade-offs against other investments.

Quantify the impact of data on business or stakeholder outcomes

By showing how your organisation’s data supports specific business or stakeholder outcomes, you can quantify the impact data has on the outcomes that matter most.

Provide a basis for measuring success over time

When you invest in your data you will see the improvements by measuring the changes in maturity and value over time.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Patented valuation methods

Not convinced by traditional data valuation methods? Neither were we, and that’s why we developed our own.

Read more about different data valuation methodologies.

Data science applied to data value

We use machine learning and other advanced analytical techniques to determine objective and defensible values for your data.

Tailored data valuation approaches based on your needs

We work with you to understand how value is created within your organisation, how data supports the activities your organisation carries out and the outcomes it aims to achieve. This ensures the value put on the data is relevant and customised to the way your organisation operates.

Powerful data visualisations

From showing how value is created in your organisation to how data mature your overall organisation and individual departments are, we’ve got clear, pre-built data visualisations that bring your data to life and facilitate better data conversations with your internal stakeholders.

Market-leaders in enterprise-level data valuations

Anmut has been working with clients to value their organisations’ data since 2018. Using the knowledge our team members have built up over decades, we have developed the only enterprise-level data valuation methods that have been proven across multiple clients and sectors.

Customer stories

We worked with National Highways who were investing £300m in data and technology over 10 years.  The CDO felt it made sense to invest 1% of that to make sure they knew what data was valuable.

As a result of our work, National Highways not only discovered that for every £2 of physical assets, they had £1 of data assets, but for the first time they had a language for the board and the rest of the organisation to communicate the strategic importance of their data.  

Want to understand the value of data to your organisation?