Anmut Use Cases

Prioritise investments in data


Prioritise time and resources

Organisations require strong data management capabilities to avoid the need for endless reactive remediation work that can easily swamp their data teams.

The truth is many organisations struggle with this and spend a significant amount of time analysing and fixing data because of poor upstream data capabilities and processes.

Prioritise your team’s time and budget by ensuring investments are directed towards initiatives that will generate the greatest value and address the root causes of poor quality data.
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70% of investments in data initiatives fail to deliver the anticipated benefits.
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Data professionals spend up to 80% of their time cleaning, organising, and preparing data before it can be used for analysis or decision-making.
How we can help

Focus investments and maximise returns

Understand what data is most important

Identify which of your data assets are most important to achieving your organisation’s strategic goals, and whether they are fit-for-purpose.

Prioritise data investments that enable your organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

Eliminate wasted cost and de-duplicate effort

Maximise your return on investment in data by avoiding wasted investments in low-value data assets and focus on high-value projects that are at risk of failing because of poor data.

Streamline your spending by avoiding duplicate projects and siloed investments.

Justify data investments by quantifying the benefits and risks

Remove guesswork and gut feel from the board room. Demonstrate the value and importance of your data and unlock the required level of funding to execute your data strategy.

Have better conversations with your leadership team by demonstrating which data assets your organisation’s strategic goals rely on and whether they are fit for purpose.

Create a sound basis for managing your business’ data demands

Don’t decide priorities based on who shouts loudest. Build your pipeline of demand to deliver the best return on investment and be confident in your investment decisions.

Use objective prioritisation criteria to support decisions about where to invest time and effort.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Established investment prioritisation framework

We provide easy-to-understand maturity scores and monetary values for all your data assets.

We identify where your high-value, unfit data assets are, and work with you to create a plan to close the gap.

A focus on root causes not just the symptoms

Our data condition service uncovers the root causes of poor data, not just how these issues present themselves within the business.

We create remediation plans that consider people, processes and technology to address the root causes of poor data.

End-to-end understanding of how your data assets relate to your strategy

We’re not just data experts, we understand business. We help connect your data to your purpose by showing which data assets are critical to your organisation’s strategic goals.

Customer stories

We worked with a UK government organisation in the transportation sector who wanted to prioritise data initiatives that would deliver maximum business impact, with limited resources.

They had hundreds of customer-facing digital services that all needed data, but didn’t know which were the most valuable to customers or the data that they rely upon.

By combining a data valuation with a data maturity assessment, we were able to help them identify high-value, low-maturity data assets that can be prioritised to unlock enormous value for the UK economy.

Want to prioritise your data investments effectively?