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Mitigate your data risks


Deliver successful transformations

Almost every large programme of work, whether it relates to a new set of strategic objectives or a large digital transformation, requires data to be successful.

The truth is few organisations have a sufficient view of their data risks when it comes to these programmes.  Instead, issues often come to light during the delivery phase of the programmes, when it is difficult and expensive to address them.

Identify data risks early on when there is time to mitigate them and the opportunity to avoid expensive remediation work.
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70% of investments in data initiatives fail to deliver the anticipated benefits.
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On average, 80% of data meets users’ requirements.
How we can help

Increase your chances of success

Identify which data assets pose the greatest risk to your organisation

Assess the relative importance of all your data assets and how well they are being managed by your organisation.  Make it clear which data assets are not being managed appropriately.

Communicate the data risks associated with your strategic objectives

Link your data assets to the strategic goals they enable.  By showing the status of data for each organisational goal, you can effectively communicate the risks to internal stakeholders and secure the funding needed to address them.

Understand the root causes of poor data

Understand exactly which business requirements are and are not being met and the underlying causes of any issues, then develop a plan to address them at source.

Assign data risks to business owners and functions

Managing data risks shouldn’t just be a task for your data team. By understanding the connections between the data and the outcomes senior leaders in the organisation care about, you can assign ownership and accountability for fixing the data to the teams that rely on it the most.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Proprietary data valuation methods

Not convinced by traditional data valuation methods? Neither were we, and that’s why we developed our own.

Read more about different data valuation methodologies.

See early warning signs of potential risks

Our proprietary data management maturity framework provides you with leading indicators that mean data risks can easily be seen and addressed well in advance of becoming issues.

Flexible remediation plans based on your needs

Whether you need detailed plans created by our team, or a summary of next best actions automatically generated from our platform based on your organisation’s maturity scores, you can quickly begin to take data risks off the table.

Tailored data management maturity assessments

Our flexible platform allows you to control where you want to start and how you want to build up a picture of the risks across your organisation.  If you don’t need to involve one area you don’t have to. You are in control.

Customer stories

A leading global mining company were stuck making point data fixes, wasting huge amounts of time, effort and cash on inefficient data processes. We helped them define a clear narrative and create a cultural shift around the value of their enterprise-wide data, so they could go on to solve their group wide data issues and better support their strategic initiatives.

Want to mitigate your data risks?