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Make data fit for purpose


Optimise your data

Typical approaches to data quality fail to take into account the use cases of the data or identify the root cause of issues.

Stop measuring your data against arbitrary performance measures, and start assessing whether it is fit for its intended purpose.
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92% of data leaders whose data strategies are aligned with their business strategies are more confident about effectively executing on their data strategy.
How we can help

Get the data you need to deliver

Understand the gap between the data you have and the data you need 

Your business is constantly evolving to remain competitive. So must your data. Quantify the gap between the data you have today and the data you need to deliver new business capabilities and desired outcomes.

Translate business requirements into data specifications

Establish a collaborative approach to specifying data performance, based on a shared understanding between the ‘business’ and ‘IT’ about the impact of the data.

Address root causes of poor data

Don’t settle for band aid solutions. Create the conditions for data to be an asset, rather than a liability. Reduce the amount of time spent data cleansing and increase the time spent exploiting data for decision making.

Justify the investment case for data

Understand the changes required across people, process, technology and data. Demonstrate the return on investment to secure budget and business commitment to data improvement initiatives.

Continuously monitor your data’s performance

Create the performance standards to monitor improvements to your data’s fitness for purpose. Help the business to make proactive interventions to reduce data risks and increase ownership of their data.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Measure data performance in context

Quantify the performance of data in the context of its intended uses to understand whether it is fit for purpose.

Pre-built and customisable packages  

Rapidly profile and measure data condition to generate actionable insights.

Consistent and scalable data specification 

Use case capture tools inventory business use cases, and their data requirements consistently and transparently to help you orchestrate and rationalise demand for data across the business.

Customer stories

We supported a global medical devices manufacturer to assess the condition of their customer and product data, ahead of implementing a new enterprise-wide sales and operational planning system.

Millions of dollars in working capital were wasted annually, due to inconsistent and incomplete product and customer data. This resulted in volatile inventory and production swings, and an inability to measure customer credit terms and profitability. Not to mention the overstretched data management teams spending most of their time fixing data.

We measured the condition of hundreds of thousands of data points across a 6 week period to provide a comprehensive view of the data risks in the legacy systems, ahead of migration to the new platform.

Want to ensure your data is fit for purpose?