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Build a data driven organisation


Knowing is a better long-term strategy than hoping. 

Becoming a data driven organisation doesn’t require every employee to train as a developer. At the heart of any data driven organisation is a deep-seated appreciation of data’s value and strategic importance.

Illuminating this value and communicating it with the business in a language everyone can understand will embed data asset management as common practice, and create a the right environment for building new capabilities.
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Data driven organisations are 19 times more likely to be profitable.
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63% of organisations state that information and data analytics gives them a competitive advantage.
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Only  23% of executives reported that their companies had created a data driven organisation, down from 31% four years ago.
How we can help

Make business sense of your data

Connect your data to business outcomes 

Identify which data assets are most important to achieving your strategic goals, and whether or not they are fit-for-purpose. The importance of data is only understood when the business can see for themselves how it impacts revenue, costs, productivity and risk.

Assign and communicate data’s value in a universal language

By putting a monetary value on your data, data speaks the language of the business, ensuring everyone understands the real potential of the data the organisation holds.

See our data valuation solution to learn more.

Measure and compare your data maturity

Compare data maturity and literacy between departments and roles to identify areas of strength and weakness.

Foster a culture where data is treated as a valuable asset

Empower data owners to manage their data with the care and importance of any other valuable business asset.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Proprietary data valuation methods  

Not convinced by traditional data valuation methods? Neither were we, and that’s why we developed our own. Read more about different data valuation methodologies.

Customisable pre-built data roles and responsibilities 

Our unique data roles and responsibilities allow you to tailor their data management structure to their specific needs. This flexible approach ensures efficiency and alignment with organisational goals without the need to start from scratch.

Bespoke valuations 

By collaboratively identifying value creation points and understanding how data supports key activities and outcomes, we ensure that the assigned value is both relevant and bespoke to your organisation.

See our data valuation solution to learn more.

Periodic measurement and progress against our comprehensive DAM framework

Our platform allows you to track progress of your organisation’s data asset maturity against our comprehensive Data Asset Management (DAM) framework. You can set your preferred intervals for measuring progress, providing regular insights into the ongoing improvement in data culture across the organisation.

Customer stories

We worked with National Highways who wanted to make digital transformation manageable and data visible. As a result of our data valuation, National Highways discovered that their data was worth £60 billion and that for every £1 invested in data returns £2.70 in economic value.

Putting a financial value on data meant they had a language to communicate the strategic importance of their data throughout the organisation. By changing the way they looked at data, the data team found up to £1.2 million in business efficiencies.

Want to build a data driven organisation?