Data Valuation


Transform data from a cost and liability into an asset that drives business value 

Anmut’s Data Valuation solution allows you to:

  • Quantify the value of your data.
  • Prioritise your resources on the data that is most valuable.
  • Increase the return on investment for your data initiatives.
  • Use the language of business to talk about data and bridge the communication gap.
  • Grab the attention of senior leadership and change the data culture from the top down.
Key features

Understand the value of your data

Quantify the true value of your data in monetary terms

Provide your organisation with a strategic view of what data is most valuable, why it is valuable and just how valuable it is in monetary terms.

Prioritise the data that matters most 

With the demand for data expertise from the business inevitably outstripping capacity, we enable data teams to know where to focus, and perhaps just as importantly, where not to focus.

Increase the return on investment in data

By knowing what data is most valuable, you can build a business case and target your efforts where they will generate the greatest return. Proving that data is worth investing in, when the right data is targeted.

Close the communication gap between data leaders and business leaders 

By understanding how your organisation creates value and what data it needs to do so, your data team can speak the language of business, and your business leaders will understand why data is valuable.

Drive a cultural shift from the top down

When the value of data can be up to 30% of the total value of an organisation, it’s hard for anyone to ignore.  Showing just how valuable your organisation’s data is, and why it is valuable, inevitably changes the conversations and actions from the board level down.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Proprietary valuation methods

We have developed and honed our own proprietary, market leading methods to value an organisation’s data since 2018.

Wide-ranging applications to meet all your needs

Our methods enable us to complete data valuations for different sectors and from different perspectives, such as the organisation itself, customers, employees, suppliers, or third-party buyers of the data.

Scientific and objective

We apply data science to our data valuations, removing opinion and gut feel from the equation.

Customer stories

“Anmut is unique as it connects Data Value to Business Strategy.”

“Using the language of business to discuss data is a subtle but brilliant way to bridge the communication chasm that exists in so many companies.”
Forbes, article on how our Data Valuation solution helped National Highways

Want to understand the value of your organisation's data?