Data Maturity


Data maturity made simple

Anmut’s Data Maturity Assessment allows you to:

  • Understand your organisation’s data capabilities, in detail.
  • Know how well you are managing your individual data assets.
  • Prioritise improvements, both at an organisation level and individual data asset level.
  • Determine which of your organisation’s goals are at risk because of your data.
Key features

Understand your data asset management strengths and areas for attention

Establish your baseline

We provide a clear picture of your data maturity, from the enterprise to departments, all the way down to individual data assets from which you can set targets and assess improvements.

See the benefits of doing a data maturity assessment.

Interpret your results

2.6 out of 5… so what? Understand what each of your scores means across the 7 layers of the maturity framework, covering 56 capabilities, and what you need to do to move to the next level.

Prioritise actions based on evidence and context

Know what data management capabilities need improving first and how to make these improvements.

Learn more about prioritising data investments.
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Identify and mitigate data risks

Identify where immature data management capabilities are putting your company’s strategy at risk.  Take action before they become a problem.

Learn more about mitigating data risks.

Gain the Anmut advantage

Fully flexible deployment

Get set up in minutes and run your own assessment or work with our consultants who will manage this for you and analyse your results.


With results stored centrally and accessible online, you no longer have to search to retrieve that report from the shelf (or elsewhere!)

Actionable insights using 10,000+ data points about your data

Our market-leading assessment provides the most action-oriented insights about your data.  Explore the results from multiple angles to get a real insight into your organisation’s data.

Five times faster insights

Start seeing results five times faster than traditional data maturity assessments.

Customer stories

"The task they were given was considerable given the size of our organisation and its data estate, so being able to identify the assets they did and being able to assess their maturity was impressive."

Want to improve your organisation's data maturity?