We put the right things in place so our clients can manage data as an asset. When they do, digital failure rates fall and transformation speeds up, silos break down, more right decisions get made and the business is more successful. This is how we do it:


We show you how data mature your business is, where people in the business think you are and where to go, so you know how to move forward.

We use 25,000+ data points to create a data maturity baseline for our clients, so they can prove the success of their work. Our clients say this work helps them find the areas to focus on to create the most measurable value. And it shows them what their internal stakeholders’ perceptions are, so they can be better managed too. 

Data valuation

We show everyone how valuable your data assets are, in monetary terms, so they know where to make better investment decisions.

We use a range of advanced and proven approaches, and a carefully trained neural network, for our data valuation work.

We identify all the activities that drive value, in the eyes of your external stakeholders, and how data dependent each activity is. Then we calculate the value, in monetary terms, of your different data assets.

Sounds complicated, it is, but we do that bit. You get a detailed map of how your organisation creates value, and a portfolio of data assets, with monetary values.

Our clients tell us this transforms the conversation around data, because the valuation figures communicate the real business value of data. Not an abstract value, one based on what creates real value for customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

condition and

We show you how fit for purpose your data assets are, and what to do to improve them, so you know where to invest to make the biggest impact.

We work with your business to understand how your data assets are used, if they currently meet the needs of your business and what needs to change to enable your employees to do their jobs better. Along the way we gather user stories, which our clients find are critical for bringing the value of data to life.

We delve deep into the ecosystem around each data asset. This uncovers the issues impacting on the data. They’re always issues that, when fixed, improve the way the business works, not just the underlying data asset.

We deliver an assessment of the condition, or how fit for purpose, your data assets are, along with leading and lagging indicators, so the asset can be managed. When we’ve done this for one data asset, clients tell us others in their business start asking for the same work on their data assets, because they’ve heard about the benefits of managing their data for their business units.


We show you which projects to prioritise, so you know how to deliver the ROI you need.

Most methods of prioritising data projects ignore the availability, condition or value of the data, ours doesn’t. They also aren’t able to calculate the ROI to the end users, the real business benefit, because of our valuation work, ours can.

Our tool, filled with the right data and powered by carefully honed algorithms, makes sure all data requirements and costs are captured at the start of project planning. It allows projects to be prioritised on the full ROI for the business. And it stacks and bundles projects around a single data asset, so the combined ROI can be used to make the business case.

When our clients are working through what it means to achieve business objectives, this solution gives them a fast, accurate way to build and assess business cases. Then they can show the business what’s required to fulfil the ambition, and have informed discussions about sequencing and prioritisation. 


You show the business the progress made on realising the value in data.

By combining the outputs from the maturity mapping, valuation and data condition work, the assurance reporting completes the package of tools needed for a business to manage data like any other asset.

For our clients, this reporting solution takes data asset management to the highest professional standard. It completes the suite of solutions needed to manage data as an asset, across the organisation.

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