Our solutions

We provide products and services that scientifically measure the impact data is having on an organisation’s goals and valuation, and identify the capabilities needed to manage data as a valued asset.

Data Valuation

Understand which data is most important and the level of data dependency for business critical activities. Measure the impact data can have on enterprise value and different stakeholder groups.

Data Maturity

Quantify the relative health of your data assets across the enterprise and the risks and opportunities to strategic goals, based on leading indicators and sentiment of different segments of data stakeholders.

Data Condition

Forensically diagnose and identify the root cause fixes for underperforming data assets. Create an actionable plan that gets the data fit for purpose and keeps it fit for purpose.

Data Asset Management

The playbook, capabilities and culture for scientifically prioritising, consciously capturing and deliberately managing your data assets in a way that treats them as valued strategic asset.

All our solutions are supported by Grace, our Strategic Data Asset Management Platform