Photo of Herman Heyns. Co-Founder and CEO of Anmut.
Herman Heyns
1967 – 2023

We will always remember his love, his kindness, and his smarts. May he live on forever, forever in our hearts.

Our visionary Co-founder & CEO, Herman Heyns, passed away in early January 2023.

Without Herman, there would be no Anmut, so we created this page to honour and remember Herman – to keep our memory of him alive.

Herman was an inspirational leader, and a good friend to many of us. We wish we could have had more time with him.

We will miss his insights and guidance, the laughter & deep discussions over after-work drinks, and even his famous Herman sermons, which he delivered regularly, to remind us of the importance of our mission.

Herman really believed in the world-changing potential of data, and was determined to develop the approach and tools that would empower organisations to unlock that potential.

His passing leaves a big void in the world, and some seriously big shoes to fill.

Thankfully, just as he sought to empower Anmut’s clients, he also sought to empower those around him, especially those he trusted to help build out his vision.

We will keep up the good work that he set in motion, with that same grit and passion that Herman embodied.

Organisations today have to make such complex decisions, they need a lot of data. But most organisations weren’t built with data in mind and lack the right structures. Changing this is a massive job that people tend to say is too difficult to take on. That’s not the Anmut way. We relish tough problems, and we want to make the world a better place. Bring the challenge.– Herman Heyns.

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