Meet Grace:

Our Strategic Data Asset Management Platform

Grace gives you the information you need to manage your organisation’s data and data assets from a strategic “top down” perspective.

It allows you to assess your current capabilities, understand your organisation’s data assets, view the role data plays in delivering your strategy and spot data risks before they become costly mistakes.

It’s easy to set up, intuitive to use and configurable to your organisation’s needs. It provides you with a consistent picture of what’s important, what needs attention and progress you are making in improving your data.

Get to know your data

Identify your data assets and assess how well they are being managed.

Measure the importance of each data asset to your organisation.

See which departments and individuals use these data assets.

Be clear on your problems

Assess your organisation’s data management capabilities against our comprehensive framework.

Get a clear picture of where your potential problems and risks are.

View suggested improvements generated using our sophisticated inbuilt intelligence combined with your organisation’s data maturity.

Connect your data to your leadership team

Show how your data underpins your strategy.

See which of your organisation’s goals are at risk because of your data.

Take action before there’s a problem – no more playing “data catch-up”.

What's so great about Grace?

Fully flexible deployment

Get set up in minutes and run your own analysis. Or work with our consultants who will manage the platform for you and analyse your results.  You can decide whether to focus on the whole organisation, or specific departments, roles or data assets.

Extensive data asset library

Quickly create your organisation’s data asset register – either upload our industry specific libraries of standard data assets and customise them, enter your own, or combine both for a comprehensive list.

Actionable insight based on 10,000+ data points

Automatically generate action-oriented insights about your data based on your organisation’s results.  We have applied advanced intelligence so you don’t just get a long list of things to do.

Five times faster insights

Start seeing your results five times faster than traditional data maturity assessments.

Consistent and comparable results

Create a baseline of results and measure changes over time to assess the impact of your data improvement efforts.

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