Our Clients

We work with leading organisations across the public and private sectors.


A national highways organisation knew data was critical for a successful digital transformation, but didn’t know how to approach it strategically. We built the data and tools so they could manage their data as a strategic asset, with clear asset value, measurable ROI and key data asset condition assessments. This work has accelerated their data maturity, identified billions in savings and three figure ROI of the initial engagement.


A top three global Pharma company was focussed on improving their digital capability. To achieve this, they needed to manage their complex ecosystem of external partners better. By modelling and visualising the value, impact and strategic alignment of each partner, we gave them the tools to make better investment and management decisions accelerating research and development.


A leading global mining company were stuck making point data fixes, wasting huge amounts of time, effort and cash on inefficient data processes. We helped them define a clear narrative and create a cultural shift around the value of their enterprise-wide data, so they could go on to solve their group wide data issues and better support their strategic initiatives.

Medical devices

One of the world’s largest medical device producers was investing hundreds of millions in digitally transforming an area of its business, but hadn’t fully understood its data. Our data condition assessment revealed data as the biggest risk to project failure because it was less than 20% fit for purpose. We identified where the critical issues were and what needed to be done to ensure the digital transformation project was successful.


A progressive healthcare start-up was built around a critical data asset, but they didn’t have a strategic approach to managing it. We advised them on where to focus resources in the short, and long terms to better manage their data asset.