What is data valuation?

Data valuation is about understanding the importance of data for your organisation, shareholders, and stakeholders, by assigning it a monetary value.

Why is valuing data important?

In a data-driven world, leading organisations recognise the importance of leveraging data to create competitive advantage. Unfortunately, most organisations don’t treat their data as an asset, resulting in mismanagement and loss of value.

In order to treat data as an asset, it must be measured, inventoried and monitored. Data Valuation is the tool which enables this. Once your data has a monetary value attached to it, it can be managed like any other tangible asset on your balance sheet.

Data Valuation alters an organisation’s perspective on data. Instead of viewing data as a problem, it is viewed as an asset that appreciates in value, enabling the effective prioritisation, management and monitoring of data. It leads businesses towards a state of data maturity, where data is leveraged effectively to create competitive advantage in areas identified as strategically advantageous for movement towards industry leadership.

Introducing the world's most advanced data valuation.

Anmut‘s data valuation methodologies combine industry leading expertise with advanced machine learning technology. This process delivers a rigorous valuation of your organisation’s data that is communicable across all levels of an organisation. It also provides a forward-looking calculation of the potential value of your data and identifies where value is currently being overlooked.

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