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Stefan, Backend Developer

I graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Mathematics, and from King’s College London with an MSc in Complex Systems Modelling. I initially joined Anmut as a data scientist.

I typically spend my days designing and implementing data models, and building out APIs in our codebase. As someone who had little practical experience in coding before joining Anmut, one of the best things about my job has been the chance to learn so much about coding and to learn about the whole data and tech ecosystem that goes along with developing a product. But technical things aside, it’s really my manager and my teammates that are the best thing about my job.

My journey at Anmut has been one big, endless learning curve. Joining the company at such an early period of its existence (back when we were only 6) was extremely challenging at times, but it’s all those hard-learnt lessons that have helped me and the company grow into what we are today. I am incredibly proud of how far Anmut has come and where it is going, and I am even prouder of the part I have played in that.

In my spare time I love doing or watching sports, tennis and football in particular, as well as spending time with my friends and family.

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