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Beth, Consulting Product Owner

I joined Anmut in a Product Owner role within the Consulting team. Before working at Anmut, I was a Senior Manager at EY leading on innovation and transformation projects where I was a Product Owner for new solutions being developed for the Assurance business. Before that, I spent 9 years as a Forensic Accountant, a slightly unusual path after studying English and Philosophy at University!

As a Consulting Product Owner at Anmut I help facilitate the design and build of new products. Acting as the link between the Architecture, Product Development and Consulting teams, I am responsible for driving progress on our new solutions, taking them from ideation and initial design, right through to the building of productionised products.

The best thing about my job is definitely the people – it’s a real privilege to get to work with so many talented individuals with such different skill sets. The best thing about my role is that I get to work across so many different teams and see first-hand how every single person brings something different to the table and has a unique role to play in helping develop our services.

My favourite project experience was introducing Agile as a standard way of working and helping upskill the whole team in using Agile methodologies. It’s been so enjoyable to see how everyone embraced an entirely new way of working, and how quickly people across different teams were able to see that using Agile helps drive tangible, valuable results much faster than before.

Guy, Chief Solutions Architect

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2017 after studying Geography, with a focus on climate and flood modelling. I got my first graduate job as an associate in the location planning & analytics team at CACI, a consultancy and data provider. I then joined Anmut in June 2018 as an Analyst.

Over the last 3 years I’ve had to wear many, many different hats including Recruiter, (Interim) COO, Consultant, Project Manager, and Visualisation expert. I’m currently Chief Solutions Architect. What that means is, I lead our efforts to design our future products and services. This requires distilling our customers’ requirements into clear designs that our software development team can build. It requires co-ordinating across the consulting, architecture, and development teams such that we build a leading data product for the future.

My favourite project experience was winning and delivering our first ever data valuation project. We were a really small team at the time and it was a massive achievement to sell a project and prove our viability as a business. To then go on and successfully deliver, over a 6-month period, the world’s first ever multi-stakeholder data valuation was a really proud moment for the whole team, and even better, the quality of the work blew the client away.

One of the best things about the way Anmut works, is that if you are interested in something, you are given the space to research that topic and implement it in our solutions. Being client facing means that feedback cycle can be instant: if something that you’ve designed isn’t working, it’s totally in our power to change and improve it. The ability to grab a drink with colleagues and clients alike and discuss wild and futuristic ideas is a constant source of inspiration.

Guy Davis
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