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I studied Geography and a bit of stats at UCL. Most of my research centred around the problem of trying to meaningfully quantify social phenomena (things like bias, for example). I didn’t know it at the time, but there’s a nice link to intangible asset valuation here.

I really enjoyed getting involved in societies and taking ownership of small projects, so I figured a small company was a good idea. At that time, Anmut was one of the few organisations that appealed to me that was also willing to sponsor a visa! It meant a lot to me that a start-up was willing to invest in an analyst’s visa and I got on really well with everyone I met during the interview process.

My time at Anmut has been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s been incredibly fast-paced and allowed me to push myself beyond what I thought I could do. It’s also been a great place to start my career because it’s taught me a lot about what I like and don’t like. I’ve been able to get involved in various parts of the business and figure out what I’m good at and what I enjoy.

The best thing about my job is the variety. I’m the kind of person who likes to have lots of plates spinning and jumping between things. This definitely gives me that. It also means that we get to make use of the project cycles. Mid-project there are weeks that are a bit of a hustle, but then I also get time between projects to focus on longer-term goals like R&D or rethinking the way we do recruitment. That ebb and flow means I get a good balance of different kinds of work.

What’s the best thing about working at Anmut? I’ve got two – (1) The people! I know everyone says their team is great, but I genuinely think I have the best colleagues in the world, and (2) I like that there’s a lot of scope to take your career progression into your own hands. People really trust you from an early stage, so there’s a lot of room to push yourself and learn very quickly.


I grew up in a very mechanically minded family and spent my weekends either racing or preparing to motorcycle race, this preparation usually consisted of taking things apart and finding a way for them to be more efficient or robust.

Before joining Anmut, I worked as a researcher, there I realised that even with a high performing experimental set up, if the experimental data wasn’t suitably captured, then my findings had reduced integrity. This sparked my interest in data management and treating data in a similar manner to a physical asset.

Since joining Anmut I have enjoyed creating and implementing real world solutions for clients and helping them to operate in a more effective manner. The things that I enjoy the most is that no problem is the same and that no one at Anmut is the same, we all come from different backgrounds and approach problems in different manners; this means that when we get in a room to fix a problem, we think about it from all angles and consider all options before pursuing the most effective outcome.

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