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I joined Anmut as an analyst, and it was my first job after graduating. I graduated from the University of Bath, where I studied mechanical and electrical engineering, with a focus on AI and software.

Something that surprised me about working here is the career path flexibility. While Anmut’s a young company with a solid strategy and plan going forward, we’re given lots of flexibility on how we want to contribute to this long-term plan. We each have a development manager to support us with our career goals – which is pretty common among firms – but what surprised me was the level of support in achieving my personal goals and choosing how I want to contribute (be it in terms of resources like training, or in terms of hearing me out and accommodating for what I want to do).

For me, the best thing about my job is the novelty of the work and the culture. The work we do is a brand-new approach to the field, and it feels like I’m contributing not just to the company but to the entire industry; it’s super exciting and fulfilling. As for the culture, the company acts with direction; the vision and values aren’t just marketing terms. I’ve seen them in each and every person throughout the company as well as within the company’s strategy. There’s genuine care and passion driving everyone, and it makes for a really motivating environment to work in.

To anyone applying, don’t forget that it’s a two-way assessment. Speaking from experience, you aren’t going to be interrogated, and the team’s going to create the best environment to see you put forth your best performance.


During university I was fortunate to gain a Biochemistry degree and industry experience, specifically within Financial Services. After trying to further a career in the industry, I realised that I was missing a few things.

One of them was flexibility. Many graduate offerings are highly structured and, whilst others may prefer this, I wanted greater autonomy over my career. At Anmut, if you want to try something new or learn something different, it’s not just encouraged, it’s celebrated. In just over a year, I’ve been given the chance to work on multiple client engagements, support on business development and shape our marketing insights and content.

Another was using the skills from my degree. My dissertation focussed on analysing genetic data to understand cancerous growth. Though this is quite different from professional services, I missed being given a problem, analysing the evidence, and finding a solution. The Anmut approach to client engagements is differentiated from most other organisations, being focused on the best outcome rather than appeasing the loudest voice in the room. This means all perspectives are valued equally, regardless of seniority or experience.

By far, my favourite thing about Anmut is the motivated group around you. Everyone is bought into the mission of the organisation, creating an environment of high-performing individuals wanting to grow themselves and the company simultaneously. This can easily sound intimidating, but this shared endeavour creates a caring environment that encourages openness and regular feedback.

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After completing a degree in Russian, Czech and Slovak, I was worried my choice of subject might prevent me from getting a job in data, but arriving at Anmut, I was struck by the openness to a wide variety of backgrounds. We think differently about data here, so having a real range of experience within the team helps to foster an innovative atmosphere.

Looking back on two years at Anmut, I’ve had an amazing time. I arrived as an analyst and enjoyed being given the autonomy to create my own solutions to ambiguous problems. A highlight was creating a methodology for leaders in a large pharmaceuticals organisation to compare different projects to fund based on a number of fairly intangible measures of impact. Now, as a Consultant, I am responsible for my own work streams in a great range of projects and I still get to innovate on a daily basis.

On top of client work, for me, one of the best things about Anmut is the chance to take an active role in growing the business. I do lots on our junior recruitment, and from time to time get involved in sales opportunities. Being part of a start-up, you can see the impact of the work you do to grow the business, which is really satisfying.

Looking ahead, there are so many opportunities to develop and gain new experiences within Anmut. We’re not like traditional consultancies, so the path ahead is not 100% defined already, but that makes it all the more exciting.

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