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I grew up spending my spare time working on vehicles and this resulted in me completing several degrees in Mechanical Engineering. I have been fortunate to work at Automotive and Motorsport companies as well as completing research within academia, where I started to pick up my passion for technology and data. I joined Anmut last year as an Analyst and have enjoyed the challenging client projects we undertake as well as the internal initiatives.

When working for large companies it was hard to push myself in set areas, with lots of bureaucracy and sign-off required from many senior leaders. Anmut operates as a much more horizontal structure, making it easier to push yourself in areas that interest you. For example, I wanted to improve my skills in creating dashboards, so I found a company that provided training, spoke to my manager, and was signed up to the training within a day.

There are three things that I really love about my job. Firstly, everyone is high performing and comes from a range of different backgrounds. When we are given a problem, we all have different approaches for how to resolve it. Secondly, we work on some really interesting projects that are hard to answer. This means that clients see the value in the solutions we provide, as well as the different approaches we have taken into account. Thirdly, everyone cares. I’m so lucky to work with a group of people who are so genuinely nice and compassionate.

Something that I didn’t fully appreciate about Anmut when I first joined is how unique the company is. Anmut provide so many companies with insights into how they can better equip themselves with their data, the world is going through a transformative stage of viewing data as an asset. It feels amazing to work with companies that really value our input and know that we can help make a positive change within their organisation.


During university I was fortunate to gain a Biochemistry degree and industry experience, specifically within Financial Services. After trying to further a career in the industry, I realised that I was missing a few things.

One of them was flexibility. Many graduate offerings are highly structured and, whilst others may prefer this, I wanted greater autonomy over my career. At Anmut, if you want to try something new or learn something different, it’s not just encouraged, it’s celebrated. In just over a year, I’ve been given the chance to work on multiple client engagements, support on business development and shape our marketing insights and content.

Another was using the skills from my degree. My dissertation focussed on analysing genetic data to understand cancerous growth. Though this is quite different from professional services, I missed being given a problem, analysing the evidence, and finding a solution. The Anmut approach to client engagements is differentiated from most other organisations, being focused on the best outcome rather than appeasing the loudest voice in the room. This means all perspectives are valued equally, regardless of seniority or experience.

By far, my favourite thing about Anmut is the motivated group around you. Everyone is bought into the mission of the organisation, creating an environment of high-performing individuals wanting to grow themselves and the company simultaneously. This can easily sound intimidating, but this shared endeavour creates a caring environment that encourages openness and regular feedback.

Doug Wicks - Consultant
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