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Lily Maris Bio


I graduated with a MA (Hons) in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. Most recently, I completed a MSc in International Management at King’s College London. I joined Anmut as a Business Analyst in January 2022.

As a Business Analyst, I primarily focus on project delivery, however I also occasionally contribute to internal markets activities. Most recently, I have learned data modelling, producing a PowerBI Diagnostic Dashboard for one of our newest clients. In addition, I have expanded my knowledge of the data landscape and its implications for business worldwide. As someone who comes from a social science background, I truly admire Anmut’s approach to data valuation through measuring the intangible.

I also love the work culture Anmut has fostered; teamwork is highly valued and rewarded. Whenever one of us faces a tricky problem, everyone chips in to help figure out and implement the best solution. It has been especially wonderful to collaborate with my peers, now that we have moved into our new office.

Outside of work, I love to read and enjoy a nice dinner out with friends. I love making human connections and learning new things. I find books and food a great conduit for such and am always happy to give reading and food recommendations.


I graduated from the University of Bath, where I studied mechanical and electrical engineering. My focus was on AI and software, and this is my first job after graduating.

Something that surprised me about working here is the career path flexibility. While Anmut’s a young company with a solid strategy and plan going forward, we’re given lots of flexibility on how we want to contribute to this long-term plan. We each have a development manager to support us with our career goals – which is pretty common among firms – but what surprised me was the level of support in achieving my personal goals and choosing how I want to contribute (be it in terms of resources like training, or in terms of hearing me out and accommodating for what I want to do).

For me, the best thing about my job is the novelty of the work and the culture. The work we do is a brand-new approach to the field, and it feels like I’m contributing not just to the company but to the entire industry; it’s super exciting and fulfilling. As for the culture, the company acts with direction; the vision and values aren’t just marketing terms. I’ve seen them in each and every person throughout the company as well as within the company’s strategy. There’s genuine care and passion driving everyone, and it makes for a really motivating environment to work in.

To anyone applying, don’t forget that it’s a two-way assessment. Speaking from experience, you aren’t going to be interrogated, and the team’s going to create the best environment to see you put forth your best performance.

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