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We measure the impact data has on the goals and valuation of your organisation, and provide the tools and intelligence needed to make value driven investments in data.
Our Story

Elegant solutions with fit for purpose data

Anmut translates from German into English as “Grace” or “Elegance”.
The name was very important to our co-founder and former-CEO Herman Heyns, who sadly passed away in 2023.
Together with Professor Andy Neely, Herman started Anmut in 2018.
They had seen too many business transformation programmes fail because organisations were neither purposeful nor efficient about their investments in data and the capabilities required to manage it as a strategic asset.

We still see a lack of harmony between the business and IT in the approach towards data. Too often new technology is viewed as the primary solution to close the gap between the data decision makers need to shape and execute strategy and the data they receive.
With a growing abundance of data, and rising costs and risks of managing it coherently, business leaders are in danger of eroding competitive advantage and market value because their data is not fit for purpose.
Anmut provides decision makers with the tools and intelligence to understand the impact data has on the organisation’s goals and the value it creates, and where to make necessary investments to make and keep the data fit for purpose.

Executive Leadership

Simon Ferriter

Chief Executive Officer

Before becoming CEO, Simon was Head of Consulting at Anmut, responsible for all aspects of client service and delivery. Simon helped Herman to build a Business Intelligence practice at KPMG between 2008 and 2011. This was an early forerunner and part of the origin story of Anmut. After completing his MBA, he spent the next decade leading digital and data driven business transformation programmes across different sectors. Outside of work, Simon enjoys travel, food, cricket and golf.

Ian Notley

Head of Product

Ian joined Anmut in 2019 after a career with Accenture where he held multiple roles including running the UK energy, mining and utilities sectors. He has successfully delivered several large scale and innovative digital transformation programmes in energy, government, utilities, retail and finance. Ian is responsible for Anmut’s product development and R&D activities. Ian is a keen multi-disciplinary cyclist and enjoys other outdoor activities including sailing, snowboarding and walking with his dog.

Graeme Rodd

Chief Financial Officer
Graeme joined Anmut in January 2020 and is responsible for the Company’s finance and operations. Prior to Anmut he spent more than 6 years with Deloitte, working in audit and most recently UK’s corporate Treasury Advisory team. He has experience across a range of global transactions, including vendor and acquisition treasury due diligence projects, with a focus on the impact of foreign exchange, hedging and debt. He is a Chartered Accountant and has completed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme. Outside of work Graeme enjoys squash, cycling and golf.

Our Co-Founders

Herman Heyns
Co-Founder and former CEO (2018-2023)
Former Partner at EY, KPMG and Accenture,  Herman had over 30 years of experience in operating model design and implementation, data & analytics strategy, design and implementation, organisational transformation and large-scale systems design and implementation.
He was passionate about helping organisations sustainably create and protect value through data. In his spare time, Herman enjoyed sailing, photography and listening to music. Herman passed away in early January 2023. He is sorely missed.
Andy Neely - Chief Strategy Officer
Andy Neely
Co-founder of Anmut, Andy is also Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations at the University of Cambridge and former Head of the Institute for Manufacturing.
He is a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College and Founding Director of the  Cambridge Service Alliance. Andy enjoys cycling, running and spending time with his wife and four children.
Our Values

We’re purposeful

We think bigger. We believe in ourselves to achieve better outcomes for ourselves, our clients, and others.

We care

We truly care about people. We achieve more together. We’re a team. I am because we are.

We strive for better

Everyone is on a journey. We’re always striving and learning to be better.

We deliver

We are accountable for our progress. We balance what needs to get done today with the change we want to achieve tomorrow.
“Most people like to say that data is the answer, but they don’t know how. Here, we’re giving people the tools and the vocabulary to figure out how data is important and how it will solve their challenges.”
Chris Barnes
Head of Data Management, DVSA

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