Data that delivers, finally

Smart decisions using the right data enables successful transformation.

Traditional approaches to data focus tactically, not strategically.

We show you where, and how much, to invest in data to deliver your business strategy. And we give you the tools to manage that data strategically.
We work with leading organisations across the public and private sectors.
Break the inertia to transform data culture
Data leaders are forced to focus on the relentless short term business demands, frustrated because they know more strategic fixes will deliver transformative results. But they don’t have the data to prove they’re right and secure the resources they need.

We’re a data asset management company that maps, measures and values data at the enterprise level. Anmut’s approach puts data first, in the language that gets the board and the business behind you to deliver enterprise-level results.

We do that with strong strategic thinking and a relentless focus on value, measured in the only way the business understands – money.

What we do for our clients

Get the board's attention

We identify the maturity, cost and financial value of your data assets. This gives you the evidence to break through and get board backing, by speaking the language of business – money.

Our services quantify the value data delivers for your business, the full cost of data and how critical it is for your strategic objectives.

Find where to get the best returns

Our approach to data strategy gives you what you need to build a value-focused, quantified and measurable data strategy.

Our Data Strategy Dashboard, makes it easy to manage your strategy and culture. It shows you how mature your data assets are, what they’re costing the business, where to focus to improve and key stakeholder perceptions.

Deliver short and long term value

Every strategic objective is underpinned by data. But often that data isn’t in the best condition, or fit for purpose.

Anmut’s Data Condition Service makes it clear to your business exactly how data underpins your strategic objectives, and builds a costed plan that gets your business behind delivering for action.


Careers at Anmut
At Anmut, there is no ‘one size fits all’ – we hire outstanding people and help them thrive by providing training opportunities, 1-on-1 development mentorship, and flexible career paths. This helps develop your skills and specialisms at your pace, so that you can work across teams and define your own path.
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