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It's time data meant business

At Anmut, we measure the value, cost and condition of data, revealing where you should focus your data management efforts to enhance business performance.

Data is an asset, not an afterthought.

Image of an overwhelmed data leader. Anmut's work helps you focus on what matters most.

Data is a strategic asset, but it doesn’t often get treated like one.

Every company in the world deals in pound signs and performance metrics, managing their assets for a return.

Yet, these metrics haven’t existed for data.

For too long, data investments have been poorly understood, shunned, and mismanaged.

Data leaders are tasked with proving business value but don’t have the means to do so, let down by the accounting standards of yesteryear.

With 70% of data investments delivering no measurable ROI, something needs to change.

Anmut helps leading organisations reinvent their data management

Creating space to focus and time for action.

Anmut helps you drive meaningful data and business conversations and create the space and time you need to execute.

Understand your data landscape.

Identify where data management is increasing costs. Anmut’s Data Maturity Assessment establishes which data helps, or hinders, strategic delivery and how you can improve.

Discover and maximise data’s value.

Gain clarity on how and where data creates value in your business. Data Valuation identifies where to invest to deliver maximum returns whilst framing data in business language.

Measure and remedy data’s condition.

Invest to fix data for the long-term and deliver business results. Data Condition measures the fitness-for-purpose of data, so you know what’s not working and can improve data’s performance.

Data management that cares about business performance

Icon representing intelligent, focussed investment

Intelligent, focussed investment

Know and invest in the data that will deliver maximum, measurable returns.
Icon representing reduced costs

Reduced costs

Identify high-cost areas and remove inefficiencies from poor data management.

Benchmarked data performance

Repeatably measure your data performance, evidencing progress.
Icon representing focussed strategic direction

Focussed strategic direction

Establish which data helps, or hinders, strategic delivery and how you can improve.

Informed data decision-making

Measure everything you need to know about your data and breakaway from guess-timation.
Icon representing simplified data management

Simplified data management

Drive meaningful data and business conversations by framing data in value and cost.
“For every £2 of physical asset, we have £1 of data asset. We discovered that by valuing our data. It’s given people in the business the language to manage their data as a strategic asset.”
Davin Crowley-Sweet
CDO – National Highways
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