Make your data's value undisputable

Being a successful Chief Data Officer, or Chief Anything Officer, few things matter more than consistently delivering value and proving it. Our data asset management approach turns your data into a valued, quantified business asset. After our work with one Chief Data Officer, they now:

  • Oversee data assets worth £60 billion.
  • Can prove £1 invested in data returns £2.70.
  • Have identified £800 million – £1.2 billion in benefits for the business.  

Making your data work for you

One of our clients has a big vision. Achieving it means they must become data driven. They knew this meant making the data work for their business, so we worked with them to improve their data so it did.

Now the CFO knows where investments in data will give the biggest business return. The CDO knows which data assets drive the most value today and which will be crucial tomorrow.

Everyone is aligned and building a data-driven culture because they know the value of data.

For the latest in Data Asset Management thinking

Proving exactly how your different data assets create value

Value is in the eye of the beholder. We find out what business activities are most valued by your stakeholders, by how much, and the role specific data assets play in creating that value. Now, you can prove the strategic importance of data, and put a number on its value.

Making sure more of your business investments pay off

Better data makes for better decisions, from big strategic ones down to the day-to-day operational ones. We make sure your data’s in the best condition for the decisions that need it, so you can be more confident making them.

Transforming your culture by changing your data

Instead of making people want to embrace data, we make the data something people want to embrace. When it’s clear which your most valuable data assets are, why and how to improve them, people know how data helps them succeed, so culture change comes from them.


Our team has over two and a half centuries of experience working with large organisations, at all levels of seniority, on their data. Blending data, business, software, technology and consulting skills to solve our clients’ problems.


Carefully trained neural networks, refined algorithms and sophisticated valuation models underpin all our work. We apply data science to data to create the best solutions.


Our values underpin everything we do. This framework guides our decisions and behaviours to make working with us the best experience it can be.

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